The Health Benefits Of Loving Yourself

It signified my discipline and hard work, and, more importantly, the ability to wrestle the part of me who wanted to be accepted and loved into total submission. I clung to my grit and self-discipline like life rafts. Oh how I adore this article and the resources, thank you!!
Your life is really all about you, despite how self-conceited that sounds. Everything that happens comes back to you, so as cliché as it sounds, treat yourself like the world revolves around you. (because technically, it does — in your world, yes). Obsessing over past embarrassing moments only affects you; there’s no one who thinks of that moment as much as you do, and they probably don’t even remember it at all.

Sometimes, the voice is just us being hard on ourselves. I do this through writing; I’m a huge fan of stream of consciousness writing, so I’ll pull out my notebook and write continuously until honesty flows out. It can take a while to peel off the layers of what’s on the surface, but if I keep writing and keep digging, I’ll reach the core of my true self. Through writing, I learn more about myself and better understand what I really feel and what I really need.
Self love is a great goal to have, but in practice it may seem a bit abstract to try and achieve, especially if you are not in the habit of practicing self care. You don’t need to love everything about yourself to develop self-love; all you need is acceptance. Next time something happens that makes you want to get down on yourself, see this as your practice to accept what is. Tidying is more therapeutic than you might think, and getting rid of old things will make room for new ones to come into your life.
I’ve found that in my own struggles with body image, insecurity, and feelings of inadequacy, the key hasn’t been to think of myself higher or to love myself more. Instead, freedom has come as I’ve filled my mind with thoughts of God and his promises. It is only when we start to see God for who he really is that we will be able to see ourselves for who we actually are. We will delight in his creation, not because we are the ones worthy of our affection, but because we know that he is a good and perfect creator.

They are well advised to learn how to calm down, pause and reflect. If you answered some of these questions with ‘yes’, chances are you suffer from low self-esteem. Why do some people think highly of themselves while others almost permanently put themselves down? Why are some people listened to when they speak up in groups while others have difficulties to assert themselves? Let’s tackle it’ while other people halfheartedly move back in the face of a new challenge? These different ways of thinking and behaving result from different self-esteem.
Focus instead on the positivity of the affirmations. Allow the feelings of positivity to fill you completely, and send that positivity out from yourself to the entire planet. LKM is a form of meditation that enhances your feelings of kindness for yourself and others. LKM can give you the tools that you need to become proficient in self-love.

Once you see it on paper and accept all of the positivity in your life, it will make it that much easier to love yourself. Turn off the TV and unplug from social media for 15 minutes to get centered while moisturizing your skin with intention. As you massage your feet, thank them for getting you to where you need to go; as you moisturize your hands, love them for all the transactions and introductions they've helped you with throughout your life.
We don't accept that what we do is good enough. If we think, "It's not really any good," "It's not perfect," or "I can't do it well enough," we miss the chance to build self-esteem. The things you say to yourself play a big part in how you free free free feel about yourself. Thinking, "I'm such a loser" or "I'll never make friends," hurts your self-esteem. Once you make your list of answers, you can choose to focus on one, two or as many as you can, and see how your happiness increases.

Beginning to work with your inner child is the start of deep emotional healing and freedom. Inner child work is one of the most self-loving paths that you can ever commit to and I highly recommend it. By accepting your flaws, the doorway to self-growth is opened. Likewise, learn how to celebrate your strengths! Keep a journal of gratitude and honestly list every little thing you appreciate about yourself each day.
Agnes lay trembling at my feet, but I never heeded her,— for Jean's dead voice sounded in my ear, demanding the life confided to my care. I listened, benumbed with guilty fear, and, as if summoned by that weird cry, there came a white flash through the waves, and Effie's face rose up before me. "My child, death alone must part us two. We will be patient with each other, and so may learn to be happy yet." "Effie, I told Jean I was a hard, cold man,"— and I was one as those words passed my lips. A child's humility breathed in her speech, but something of a woman's fervor shone in her uplifted countenance, and sounded in the sudden tremor of her voice. I went away, and far out on the lonely moor sat down to think.
The more self-love one has, the more one can attract people and circumstances that support one's well-being. Last but not the least, if you’ve done public speaking and have been scarred from a bad experience, try seeing it as a lesson learned to improve yourself as a speaker. With that said, being comfortable enough to be yourself in front of others may take a little time and some experience, depending how comfortable you are with being yourself in front of others. But once you embrace it, stage fright will not be as intimidating as you initially thought.

Every morning, evening or both, take time to physically write out your top 5-10 self-love affirmations. Actually writing instead of typing is quite powerful and will help you connect more with yourself. Self-love affirmations are easy to use and while just repeating them is great, the real key to using affirmations successfully is how you feel when saying them. Say these affirmations daily and you will be so grateful to yourself for taking the time to do so.
We just have to learn how to tap into those feelings. All too often we find people scrunching up their nose at the mention of self-love, as if it’s a bit cheesy and self-indulgent. But learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in life. Your heart is your power and when you become the source of love in your own life it changes everything. Your relationships, your career, your health – they all flourish when you start to love yourself.

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