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Fast-growing European coworking network Talent Garden has developed a new coworking location in Milan, Italy. Arup's projects across Italy include strategic infrastructure such as the Florence High Speed Railway Station and the upcoming Bologna Central Railway Station project, which form part of the new Italian high-speed rail network between Milan and Naples.
Impact Hub in Sicily was founded by a group of social innovators eager to create work and meeting places, to which people who believe in the project have been added over time: different professionals, with profiles ranging from international cooperation, to microfinance, to project management, to the organization of events.

If I managed to explain, that I thought tourism destinations and rural areas could profit from a new type of tourist” attracted by Coworking Spaces and that, vice versa, Coworking Spaces could profit from existing tourism in the areas they are located in, many people were skeptical.
The beautiful modern glass building with its sharp angles and innovative use of space received more than 200,000 visitors, 10,000 professionals, 4,000 students and 1,000 school lavoro principals in its first year alone - highlighting Microsoft's commitment to open innovation and collaboration with the local community and surrounding environment.

The amenities include Robo Administrators that offer visitors a guided tour through the area, Corporate Labs, arranged in partnership with companies such as Cisco and IBM, Innovation School which is focussed on reshaping traditional education and teaching emerging skills (offers Corporate Innovation Programs), TAG cafe, an aperitif area, a rooftop terrace with outdoor activities, a swimming pool, a mini cinema and several event spaces with a total capacity of 1,000 persons.
It now hosts innovative coworking spaces, the Innovation School, Talent Garden's digital educational branch, geared towards both post-graduates and corporate training, the TAG Café, a contemporary bar and bistro, as well as welcoming hundreds of events every year.

Large corporates are now considering coworking spaces as a place of work for employees to ensure employee retention removing geographical restrictions on where employees are located creating a truly global workforce. Figure 2. The density of co-working spaces in Milan (at July 2015) Source: Mariotti et al (2015a), p. 46.
13 floors play host to offices, coworking spaces, a library, meeting rooms and a café. The old idea of a still, unique office is shifting to different concepts of work spaces, often shared and temporary, likely distributed in different cities following business and Customer requirements.
We do not define this article to be a complete or top-priority list, but rather as a sample of the type of spaces you can expect to find more of, especially if you are in need of a coworking space in Milan. The Italian magazine dedicated to innovation and startups.

Studies Department of the Politecnico di Milano. Impact Hub Milan is also the point of reference in Milan for all those professionals, managers and creative individuals who view sustainability as an opportunity for growth and innovation. Buro offers three types of co-working spaces, a desk area in an open space for a mimimum of 6 month contract, a studio for a minimum of a year and a hot desk that can be used for a few hours to a few days.
At Copernico, the spaces are designed to strengthen a sense of community - and encourage serendipitous encounters. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur or a corporate intrapreneur, at Spaces we help our community to expand their horizon. IHM opened in Milan in 2010 following the growing need of a space for social innovation in the city.

Talent Garden TAG Milano , is composed by two campuses, Milano Calabiana and Milano Merano, of 8,500sqm and 1,700sqm respectively, and a total capacity of more than 500 people. This co-working space offers desk space, meeting room hire and services to startups and freelancers.

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